Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 1 - We've Landed

Thursday, April 16, 2009
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From the time we left our house to the time we landed in Sydney Airport, it was almost 24 hour exactly and what a very uncomfortable 24 hours it was. The longest flight of my life (15 hours from LAX to Sydney) and we had the worst seats on the plane. I’m 5’6” so that gives you a measurement of my arm span, I could fit four seats within my arm span and we had a bit more than a hand lengths apart from the seats in front of us. We also couldn’t lean too far back because we had the lavatory’s wall right behind us. And having our first meal was quite entertaining since we could bend our elbows without hitting each other. I’m sure it was highly entertaining for the crew. This was not flight for claustrophobics, which by the way I am and just about had a blow out.

After the long flight we went to our hotel, but couldn’t check in for 5 more hours because it was so early here. Being exhausted and suffering from jet lag, we didn’t want to do much but get some rest. Well, we walked around a portion of Downtown Sydney, ate a very small breakfast and walked to Belmore Park were we spent an hour just sitting on a park bench and watched the birds. We then walked back to the hotel where we got to check in a bit earlier than we though and crashed for few hours. Not too exciting of a first day, but I know I’m going to love it here…..that is once I get used to the time change.

BTW – it’s a 16 hour difference from Salt Lake City to Sydney.

Here are some pictures from the Belmlore Park - click on images to enlarge


orangemily said...

Man, your flight sounds terrible. But the pictures look great! What a time difference!

Roberta said...

I'm so glad you arrived safely...although it was a long uncomfortable flight. Even if you went first class, 15 hours in an airplane couldn't be comfy. Get some rest and then go have some fun!