Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 7 – Walking the City

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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Today we walked more than we planned to. A quick walk do to the central park turned out to be a major walk around the city. We saw many of the homes of the area, as well as some small businesses. Walking by one feed store, they were selling puppies. Me being the sucker for anything doggie, I had to stop and play with them. Twelve little dingo-mix pups looking as cute as can be, I’m so surprised I didn’t end up getting one. While I was busy playing with the pooches, my mom got bitten by a fire ant around the sidewalk. She said she wouldn’t like to be covered in those! She’s lucky she only got the one bite. Turning back around to make the big walk back to the hotel we went through a small walk way, which Eve was convinced was “Crocky Water” but we go out safe. A few blocks away we went into a local’s pottery shop where we spent a good amount of time looking at all the creations. Stuff from small pottery bowls to fun creations like sea anemones. The owner was very delightful and had many more ideas to come. We finally made it back, but not until we went back to see the puppies. I just had to go and pet them again.

Later that night, my dad went out to dinner with some of the men from work at the local Yacht club, leaving us poor gal to fend for ourselves…we made it ok. We went out for another little walk and noticed a cute place right around the theater district. Once we went in we told the hostess and waitress that this place was so fun! It was its opening night we learned. It’s right by the library so the menus were set up like a book. So the appetizers were the “Preface” the bread was “Chapter 1” the entrees “Chapter 2”…well you get the idea. I have to say the food here in Gladstone’s, beats anything we found in Sydney.

Well, we sore and stuffed. It’s been quite the day.


orangemily said...

I'm glad you're having such a great time!