Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 4 – Flight to Gladstone

Sunday, April 19, 2009
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Waking up at 3:00AM to go to work on Saturdays is bad enough, but to have to do it on vacation is just a sin! Our flight was at 6:30AM where we left from Sydney to Gladstone where my father will be working for two weeks. Funny, just a few days ago we were flying on a huge jumbo jet and today we were in a twin engine plane. Loud little plane!

While flying I got to met a great Aussie, Jim, who grew up in Victoria, lived in Perth for 20 years and is currently working in Gladstone, so he knows the country very well. He gave me some great inside about the country, how the Aussie’s feel about Crocodile Dundee, Nicole Kidman and the Croc Hunter. He also told me some great stuff about the Aboriginals and some of Australia’s laws. He was a great guy and I
hope to meet up with him again while here.

Today has been interesting learning how to drive on the other side of the road and learning the gears of the cars. My dad had one incident of turning the wrong way on a round-a-bout. Thank goodness it’s Sunday and hardly anyone was out.

Gladstone is almost the exact opposite of Sydney. It has about 40,000 residences, it’s more tropical and humid and most things shut down after 6pm where Sydney was a 24 hour place. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it here once I get to know the area. One thing that amazes me is the hundreds of larkakeets (colorful birds similar to parakeets) that fill the trees. The sound they make is remarkably loud.

Well, it’s only 8pm here and I’m already tired. I hope to get used to this time change soon so I can enjoy more of the town.


Roberta said...

It's been fun reading about your adventures. Another day in a plane?! yikes! So, you'll have to tell all of US how Aussies really feel about their famous people. Have fun, and I hope you get rid of your jet lag soon!

orangemily said...

I'm very curious about how the Aussie's feel on those subjects as well!

Ginny said...

I was wondering when you'd meet a hot Aussie!!