Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 14 – Tondoon Botanic Gardens

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
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Tondoon Botanic Gardens is yet another amazing place, where there’s several different kinds of gardens and forests found throughout Australia. Our first greeters were not friendly ones as we were attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes, but that’s the only negative thing I could find about this place. The gardens were very quiet, since it’s the off season for tourists and there was a lot of construction going on, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the scenery. We basically had the place to ourselves. For the 2 ½ hours we were there we only ran into one other couple.

The main pond area was filled with several types of water fowl and a few hundred turtles. Those turtles were slow to come to the feeding place, but once they got there they knew how to beg just as well as the ducks. Too many cute faces to say “No” to. We got to walk through different types of rainforests, eco-forests, even some desert land. The best part of our lengthy walk was when we came across a small flock of kookaburras. I got so close to a couple of them if I wanted to, I could have touched them, but those birds have the look of “I’ll play your game, but don’t come any closer”. I got a lot of wonderful pictures just of this place alone, I’m not sure where I’m going to put them all!

One interesting thing that kept on happening was throughout the day, people kept on guess where our accent was from, but no one guessed American. We got Irish, South African and Canadian several times. Anyone that knows me will get a kick out of this: One retailer said that we must be Canadian because we weren’t loud enough to be Americans. I know I’m loud, so I wonder how loud those other Americans are?!?


orangemily said...

You just aren't loud enough!

April said...

Ha ha ha that's really funny Nay. Amazing that Americans have such a reputation.