Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 8 – Lessons From the Locals

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out of all the days on this trip, today has been the laziest. I think all the walking we did yesterday, just wore us out completely. Today was spent poolside, until the sun settled behind the hotel. I finally got some color! Except not the color I wanted. Let’s see if you can guess..for the past 3 years I have spent the majority of my days indoors, very rarely seeing the sun. Then I go “Down Under” were it’s the end of summer here and the ozone layer is thin. Yep! I’m red like a lobster now!

Something very interesting did happen to us. For dinner, we went to KFC…yes, the Colonel’s place of chicken. We placed our order but the girl looked at funny. She couldn’t understand us because of our accents. It’s funny to think that we’re the one with the accents! While having our small meal, my dad told us of the funny antics from work. First off, he was told to watch out for the “Roos” because they’re the dumbest animals God created. The jump in front of your car then if you blow the horn they come towards you. Kinda sounds like the deer in Wyoming to me. Next my dad asked them which football (soccer) teams the route for. Everyone started to laugh till it hurt. Apparently “route” means a very naughty word here. The mother of all words if you get my drift. As for the word “fanny”, I take it as your butt, but here is considered another part of the anatomy, particularly the woman’s. Yes, fanny here means boobs.

We’ve had a great time learning the slang words and ways of this country! I can’t wait to see what other “Dumb American” things we’re going to end up doing.